Piano Tuning


Piano Evaluation and Tuning by Nick Caffacus
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I will examine the case, remove all panels,  check the keys, action, pins, pinblock stability, soundboard, crown and overall condition of all moving and non-moving wood parts. I’ll let you know the piano’s overall condition and all problems or immediate needs as well as any  possible repair estimates and options. I will also provide the current market value and replacement value of your instrument. My evaluation is also valid for insurance purposes.

Evaluation only – $85.00
Evaluation & Tuning – $140.00

I’m in Williamsburg so I consider these areas local…Richmond, Chesterfield, James City County, York County, Newport News, Isle of Wight, Smithfield, Carrollton and Hampton. I will go pretty much anywhere. It might cost a little more…just call me to check.

A little about me:

· I Started playing piano at 5 , rebuilding them at 16…I will never quit playing.
· I was a Professional touring keyboardist—for over 10 years. I paid my dues…and I’m still playing!
· I started in the piano industry while still in high school.  I delivered, refinished, rebuilt, fixed, tuned, sold and played them all.
· Left the piano biz and have been co-owner of Richmond Media (richmondmedia.com) for 15 years. I am still performing and now I am bringing my 35 years of acoustic piano knowledge to tune pianos again. I am, and always shall be, a piano lover!

My regular Pricing:
Local Grand Piano – $140.00
Local Vertical Piano – $150.00 (Console or Professional)
Local Spinet Piano – $160.00
If your instrument has loose pins or a compromised case tuning may be unstable or impossible. I’ll give you an honest evaluation before tuning. If you choose not to tune based on the initial evaluation my fee is $85.00.