Nick playing solo and in various bands live and in the studio over the last 35 years.

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 Arc Tourist “Come Out of your Shell” circa 1983 [mejsaudio src=”″]

Why on Earth “Rollin’ Dice” circa 1985 [mejsaudio src=”″]

Nick on piano & vocals with digital sequencing – 2012 Pink Floyd “Learning to Fly”  [mejsaudio src=”″]

Doing Gerry Rafferty’s song “Baker Street” on piano & vocals with digital sequencing 2012   [mejsaudio src=”″]

Nick with some friends in the garage – 1 take! Greatful Dead “Not Fade Away” circa 2006  [mejsaudio src=”″]

Playing Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” 2002 [mejsaudio src=”″]

Nick on piano with The Trouble Band  “Only You” original song 1999 [mejsaudio src=” You.mp3″]

Nick playing Bruce Hornsby’s “Across the River” 2002 [mejsaudio src=”″]

Nick with Al Walsh – 2 Flights Up – our 6 song club demo from 1993 [mejsaudio src=”″]

1986 – My band Radio Road (New York) …some fun synth on Heart “These Dreams” – Our female vocalist played bass too!  [mejsaudio src=”″]

Playing “American Pie” with Route 5 (with Doug Dye & Billy Caldwell) 2003  [mejsaudio src=”″]

Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis with Route 5 – 2003  [mejsaudio src=””]

Attitide -1991 with Jan & Dale Shenk, Jay Shenk, Chris and Lori – “Can’t get Love for Money”  [mejsaudio src=”″]

Klee 2 Band with Dennis & Doug Klee, David Robinson and Steve Jackson – circa 1987-1990. This band was the closest we have all ever made to the “big contract”. Our music is a tribute to Doug Klee & Steve Jackson…both are no longer with us.
Studio Recordings – More to come soon.

“Then Comes the Wind” – orchestration and keyboard guitar solo – circa 1988 [mejsaudio src=”″]
Time is the Teacher  [mejsaudio src=”″]
I Wonder  [mejsaudio src=”″]

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You can find Dennis Klee at KLEE MUSIC in St Johns, Florida.